The man to take Spurs to the top: Luis André De Piña Cabral e Villas-Boas.

We’ve struggled to find the right man for the job over the years, we’ve outgrown some managers, some were just painfully rubbish and some brought us great success, but all have gone now and a new reign is upon us, Andre Villas Boas. The young, fresh and talented coach from Portugal has been in charge for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Before his time at Chelsea, AVB had an unbeaten season with FC Porto, winning the Portuguese League, and the Europa League, which for a 33 year old manager, is something extraordinary. If he can do that at such a young age, imagine what he could do at 60!

AVB’s time at Chelsea was partly his fault, but mainly due to the impatience and ego’s of the people at Chelsea, they didn’t give a 34 year old manager a chance, and if they had, who knows where they’d be, or we’d be. I call it destiny, thank God he failed!

When AVB took over at White Hart Lane, many football fans highly doubted the appointment, the Chelsea ‘failure’ who couldn’t handle the pressure that the East London stars brought upon him. Why would we replace an experienced manager highly respected in the English game like Harry Redknapp, for some chump (at the time) like AVB? It didn’t compute, to most. But behind all the commotion, was a bald man called Daniel Levy, who certainly had a plan.

The decision to ‘sack’ Harry Redknapp and hire AVB is a decision to be highly commended, in my opinion. There is no doubt that ‘Arry did a great job for Tottenham, getting us in to the Champions League and being in charge for what were some of the most memorable years a Spurs fan could remember, but the time was right, in hinds sight, to get rid of ‘Arry and bring in one of, or the most promising coach there is, Andre Villas Boas.

AVB brings that European flair, he is highly respected in South America, and in Europe, he is a man who can improve our image in the game and help us hugely to become a ‘top club’ in world football. It’s not just his management skills that are handy throughout the club, he brings a lot to the table off the field as the face of Tottenham overseas.

AVB in his first season, branded as a transition period with the new manager and different squad, brought us our record total of points in the Premier League (72), unfortunately, missing out on the Champions League by one agonising point on the final day to our arch-rivals Arsenal. Looking beyond the disappointment, we were brought a fantastic starting season, after losing Luka Modric to Real Madrid, and bringing in AVB, who at this point was a ‘failure’ in the Premier League, fifth place was a good start. We got to the quarter final of the Europa League, a competition that AVB fully embraced, but ended in disappointment, some may criticise Andre’s decision to play such a strong team in the Europa League, but in my eyes it was refreshing to see a team change the perception of the competition, it is after all a European Trophy, not many can say they’ve won one!

As Spurs fans, we expect a lot. We don’t always get it (understatement), but we live to dream, as the famous saying goes ‘To Dare Is To Do’. We aim high, sometimes we overachieve, sometimes we underachieve, but that’s the life of a Spurs fan. With the squad we have this season, and the manager we have, we expect great things for the future, starting with this season. The players need time to adgust, but we have a manager who is settled after over a year in charge, so hopefully, we’re ready to push on.

Andre has always said he wants to keep his career short in football, but things change, I want him for the long haul, like Sir Alex for Manchester United, this is the level of admiration and respect I have for AVB, I think he could be legendary. I hope we can at least squeeze another 5 seasons out of the man!

AVB plays his own style of attacking football, a man with his own ideas on the game which sometimes can clash with his fans, yes, there are certain things that he needs to improve on in management, as there are with every manager, but for a 36 year old, he’s well on his way to becoming one of the best, I truly believe that.

I personally, have never felt such a connection of love with a manager than I do with AVB. I yearn for Spurs to become successful again, and I truly believe he is the man to take us to it.

“It’s not a mission of restoring my reputation, it’s a mission to put Tottenham back on track, with TITLES.” – Luis Andre De Piña Cabral e Villas-Boas.


Why AVB has done a wonderful job at the Lane.

André Villas Boas was given a new lease of life when we gave the Portuguese manager the job at White Hart Lane. AVB had big boots to fill, Harry Redknapp had done a wonderful job for us, getting us top four twice and having a wonderful run in the Champions League in 2010/11. The sacking came as a shock to most, and the appointment of AVB was maybe more of a shock, the bookies favourite being the now Manchester United manager David Moyes.

André had a bad start, and the questions about his future were already being shouted around, ‘sacked by Christmas’ being the general feel. Draws at home to Norwich and West Brom being the worst moments in a hard month for AVB. We weren’t really clicking together as a team, and AVB’s tactics and methods didn’t seem to be taken upon by the players. A difficult start.

Our form seemed to change a lot when we picked up our first win at Reading, and then what is now one of the moments of the season, the win at Old Trafford. Opinions on AVB were starting to change, the ‘wonder boy’ from Portugal was back. We hit a streak of wins, nobody was questioning AVB anymore. The tactics he had to beat teams were precise, and specific to the team we were playing, it was all about getting points, game by game, and as a fan, it was a joy to watch.

Top four, the ultimate aim, we were dreaming of an awesome finish, but we got a little carried away, if you looked back to the start of the season, we lost some of our best players, Modric, Van Der Vaart and losing our captain Ledley King through retirement, was always going to be hard. The fact that we are still in with a shout with 2 games to go is extremely good, and it’s down to André, he has been superb.

Injuries also hit us very hard, Kaboul who was my personal player of the season last year, has been out all season, and this is a massive blow, defensively he is our key player. Also, Sandro has been out for half of this season, the best CDM in the Premier League in the first half of the season, and a candidate for player of the season, out for the rest of the season. Scott Parker came in as a replacement, and he hasn’t been the same as last year, so it’s been a huge blow. I miss the beast. We missed Mousa Dembélé for 6 weeks, and Aaron Lennon has been missing in quite a few games, so the fact we are even close to top four is nothing short of a miracle.

If we get into the top four, and I still believe we can, as a club we will go very very far, but if we fail to achieve that goal, I don’t think it would set us back too far with Bale staying no matter what, and according to AVB, funds are available for the transfer window. André has been at the heart of our success this season, and finishing above teams that are of a very good standard in Everton and Liverpool and we are looking likely to beat the amount of points we got last season, this season has been a success, no matter how it finishes now. Keep the faith in the lads, it’s still possible. COYS, and Believe in André Villas Boas.