Tottenham Hotspur 2014/15 Season Preview.

The new season is upon us. We’ve had an action packed summer, with the World Cup, pre-season tours and transfer rumours/deals. So it’s made the wait for the new season to start a little more bearable. We’ve got a new Head Coach for the new season, and hopefully it’s the start of a new, successful era under Mauricio Pochettino. In this article I’m going to share my general expectations for the season in the Premier League, FA & League Cup, as well as the Europa League. Also, I’ll be looking at the players I think will be key to success this season, player awards and my season conclusions:

Premier League:
For many years our goal in the Premier League has been the same; break into the top four and secure Champions League football. And this season, the hope and urge that we will, continues to burn brightly in the hearts of Tottenham fans. Having those glory glory nights back at White Hart Lane, and then eventually the new stadium. It’s a dream. This season, with Pochettino being appointed, I think most fans for this season just want improvement, in the style of football we play, and the results we get. If we can get both of those things then I think the season will have been a success and a stepping stone to better things. Daniel Levy seems to, according to Mauricio Pochettino himself, not set any targets for this season and that for me is such a sigh of relief. We need to give Pochettino time to make this squad his own and this takes at least a season. What I want is to enjoy watching Tottenham again, with free flowing, fast paced football on the agenda and always being a threat to the big teams on the pitch, not just rolling over and letting them trounce us. Despite what anyone will say, it is a season of transition for Tottenham and us fans need to be patient and stay fully behind the team and the manager.

Getting in the top 4 is very difficult this season. A lot of the top teams in the top 4, and just outside it have strengthened a lot while keeping a stable core of their team. It’s very hard to see where we fit in to that elite group, so in all honesty I think it would either take one team having a season like Manchester United last season, or Tottenham having a miracle season. Both are difficult to see. For this season, I’d be content with 5th, which is an improvement on last season’s 6th place finish. But, I’d want us to compete further in the cups, and if the draws are kind, go on and win one. I am confident we will be competing for the top 4 spaces, we have a good squad with a great manager who is known for getting the best out of his players, and I think back to last season when we got these players and people believed it was a squad that could compete. If we can get the players back to the level they were when they arrived, who knows what could happen.

Prediction: 5th place.

FA Cup and Capital One Cup:
To win one of these competitions you need two things; a good team, and loads of luck. It’s all about the draw you get. Whether against a big team or little, at home or away and praying you don’t get the game just before a big Premier League game. It’s difficult to see Tottenham being fully focused on winning one of these trophies, even though I’d sacrifice any top 4 space offered to me for a glory day at Wembley. We have a lot of focus on the Premier League, where ultimately your season is judged on, plus the commitments of the Europa League, which now offers the winner Champions League football, so I think the priority of these Cups is down the pecking order, although I would still love to go for one. It’s always nice playing teams away from the Premier League, striving to get into the next round. Something very special about it, but if I had to chose a trophy to focus on it wouldn’t be the FA Cup or Capital One Cup, it would be the Europa League.

Prediction – FA Cup: 4th Round.

Prediction – Capital One Cup: Quarter Finals.

Europa League:
This competition always splits opinion. Some say all it does is distract from the Premier League, offering up games on the far side of the earth until the teams from the Champions League come in and knock you out, others say it’s a real opportunity for European Glory, something that Tottenham should always strive towards having won the competition twice. We have to learn to deal with playing in the Europa League, in my opinion, if we ever want to compete in the Champions League and Premier League simultaneously, which is the long term goal. Last season we made the round of 16, Benfica getting the better of us, but this season I want us to do better. Show Champions League credentials by taking it by storm. Starting with AEL Limassol in Cyprus. There’s nothing better than a European Glory night at White Hart Lane. If that means the Europa League then I’m all for it. Mauricio Pochettino has said in the past he doesn’t like the Europa League, but has recently admitted that the option for the winners getting Champions League at the end makes the competition more appealing, so I do sincerely hope we take it seriously.

Prediction: Quarter Finals, but I’d love to think we’d go all the way.

Key Players for the 2014/15 season:
We have a lot of great players who will definitely be very important for our 2014/15 campaign, but there are a bunch that stick out as being extra special and the players I’m predicting to have a big season:

Christian Eriksen – Our player of the season for the 2013/14, expectations are high for his performances but I think he will just continue to improve and improve. At only 22 he still has a lot to learn, but he’s on the right path to be considered a World Class player, even if people would argue he’s at that level right now. It’s a pleasure to have him at Tottenham and I’m predicting him to have another massive season, getting into double figures for goals scored and assists made.

Erik Lamela – A difficult season last campaign, but he looked reinvigorated in pre-season, and after a long term injury, he’s back and looking sharp. He has undoubted quality, can play in any position across the three behind the striker. Left wing, central attacking midfield and right wing. He is creative, skilful and in my head is a traditional Tottenham player. As Bill Nicholson once said, “Finding, making and using space is a distinction of all great players” that is what I think Lamela can do for us this season.

Emmanuel Adebayor – Our top scorer last season, playing just half a season under Tim Sherwood. He’s our main man up front and we need him to be on form this season. If he can continue his form that he showed last season we don’t need a new striker as I think he can be classed as a top class striker. Hold up play, link up play and the finish on the end of it. I’m predicting Emmanuel to have a really good season and I think he’s a dark horse for Premier League top scorer, if he can stay fit and on form.

Jan Vertonghen – Jan didn’t have the best of seasons last year, inconsistent, injuries and didn’t repeat the quality he showed when he first joined the club. Now though, with a new season on the horizon and a new challenge, I think Jan will play a major role in any success we have this season from centre back. He can focus on being our main centre back, as we have a lot of back up at left back now, so I think he’ll show his quality once again that once got him mentioned as our new Ledley King. I hope he can rediscover that.

Other players that will be key are of course Hugo Lloris and Kyle Walker, they bring great quality to the team. There could be a few surprise packages, too; if Roberto Soldado can find his form in front of goal he could be the difference for us, if Emmanuel Adebayor goes off to the African Cup of Nations and Lewis Holtby, who was on loan at Fulham last season; I think he can break into the first team this season and Etienne Capoue, who had a great pre-season is another that I think can become a really big player; composed on the ball and solid in his defensive duty. Others include a few younger players, Nabil Bentaleb, Andros Townsend and Harry Kane could all be really important players for us this season.

Player awards predictions:

Player of the season – Christian Eriksen.

Young player of the season – Erik Lamela.

Top scorer – Emmanuel Adebayor.

Most assists – Christian Eriksen.

I’m excited. I always am for a new season. Surely we will have a better season than the last. I’m hoping for progression, but also to enjoy watching Tottenham again. One or two decent Cup runs and 5th in the League. That is what I think ‘success’ would look like for Tottenham. A season full of excitement, thrills and as little spills as possible. I believe in the quality of the squad. We have a lot of depth and good players, so despite it being a sort of transition period, I think Spurs can make this season memorable.

It all kicks off on Saturday, 16th August at 3pm. West Ham await at Upton Park. Let’s get this one out of the way with three points and then push on. Let the madness commence… COYS!!

What are your hopes and aspirations for the new season? Comment below!


13 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur 2014/15 Season Preview.

  1. Man, i just want to enjoy watching them play again. This is basically a transitional season, and if that means coming in 6th or so, I’d be okay with that with a decent showing in a cup or two. Last season was just rough to watch and this year i’d like to see decent football being played and then build off of that.

  2. A great article and I agree wholeheartedly. Just to see some passion back in the players and the will to win more games… COYS

  3. A good read with good points made. My main concern though as ever is Levy, you’ve called it a season of transition BUT if the result are slow in coming I’ve NO reason not to think Levy will pull the plug yet again. In my own Blog @TheMightyYids I’ve mentioned many times how he dumps managers even when improvements are being made. MP is a bit of an unknown in the sense of a Big Club and the fact is we ARE a big club despite not winning much in last 50 years, yet Levy worries me as he seems to act when the crowds get restless.
    I myself can’t see us doing better than 7th as the teams that finished above us have strengthened even more and the others around us could also make things difficult BUT I’ll happily accept that if the playing style improves and the current squad start to show what they really can do. I thought far to many players didn’t perform last season and used both AVB & Tim but dim as the excuse not to get on with it.
    Unfortunately I think we still have a weak squad with only 4 or 5 very good players whilst the rest are mid table players at best.
    However saying all that IF MP can install the same style along with the flair and guts the Saints showed last year then things can only get better, a lot better.
    Until Madrid come knocking again of course!

    • Thank you, Gav. I can understand your concerns over Levy. But, I think it’s fair to say the fact he’s given a 5 year deal to Pochettino and set no targets for this season show he is learning from mistakes and knows now he has to give time otherwise it’s him that is out of time. Levy has done a lot of great things for the club and appointing someone who can get the best out of players we have, who have great quality that is ready to be unleashed. Transition is something that happens to everyone, some more than others, but I think we can have a successful season. I hope we can. COYS! Thank you for your comment.

  4. I admire your sheer realism. I agree wholeheartedly with many of your predictions. however, I would truthfully like to secure a trophy in the next two or three years, both to give the team impetus and shut the other big teams up, so I’m hoping for a favorable draw and strong approach by Poch in one of the cups. wonderful article regardless, COYS!

    • Thank you. So do I. We have to give it a go in at least one of the cups. Hopefully as I say, the Europa League as it has the bonus of the Champions League. Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad you agree! COYS!

  5. fan from Bahrain,, I think our team should focus in Europa League which can make us play in CL. last year result with the top teams was an acceptable to the fans this year we have to prove that we can compete with them and show some belief even if we finish 6th.

  6. It’s an excellent read. Even though I don’t think we will even reach the top 5, I think we have the potential and enough quality to win the Capital one cup or the F.A cup. Europa league frustrates me because we always get knocked out by teams who have come from the champions league.

  7. I’m just hoping that we can play more entertaining and attacking football and to start competing against the big teams unlike last season where we seemed to get turned over. I think we will finish 5th season as well. EL I think we will do well. I got a feeling we will get to the semi-finals.

    Looking forward to the start of the season and hoping we can start off well against West Ham! COYS!

  8. The main aim should be targeting Europa League Cup, but would be difficult as now all the team participating would take it more seriously as it means a place in CL

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