Match Review, Everton vs Tottenham.

Match: Sunday 3rd November 2013.

Premier League

Everton 0-0 Tottenham.

Good result in a very difficult game for Spurs. A game of two halves. We were dominant in the first, having complete control of the ball, creating a fair few chances, but we didn’t capitalise when we really needed to. Was very impressed with the way we were playing, bombing forward whenever we got the chance and keeping Everton at bay expertly. Slightly unfortunate not to have been awarded a penalty when Vertonghen was bundled over in the area by Seamus Coleman, but in the second half, we got lucky as with the roles reversed it looked like Vertonghen fouled Coleman in the box, nothing given. The second half was a different story, Everton came into the game more and more, with the fans behind them, they looked the likely to break the deadlock, but defensively, we were as solid as ever, stopping crosses and starving Lukaku of service. Very impressive. Offensively we have been disappointing this season, and in the second half this continued, very narrow and not getting enough service to Soldado, but I don’t think we can complain too much with such a good result away from home.

All about the defence! 7 clean sheets this season in the Premier League, with 10 games played. We’ve been extremely good defensively all season, with this game no different. My man of the match is Jan Vertonghen, down the left he was unreal, it’s not his preferred position, but he did very well to deal with the threat of Kevin Mirallas, who is undoubtedly faster than Jan, offensively, he was one of our biggest threats! Continuously working to get the ball into the box, a very good performance, hardly put a foot wrong. Vlad Chririches has been brilliant so far this season, and we are yet to concede a goal when he has started the game in all competitions, he dealt with the threat of Lukaku immensely, and for £8.5 million looks a real bargain. Michael Dawson put in a captains performance, dominant at the back, leading by example, his best performance this season. Sandro back to his best after his poor Hull City performance, unfortunate he was forced off with a knock, because he dominated the game for us in the middle, when he came off, we certainly weren’t as dominant. Offensively, we need to improve, we need to become more fluid and start creating more opportunities for Soldado so he can flourish. Positives and negatives to take from this game. An honouree mention for the warrior that is Hugo Lloris, knocked unconscious, but continuing with the game!

A good point, at a place in which we lost last season, horribly. Unfortunate not to grab the win, which I think we deserved, but I’m relatively happy. Our next match is against FC Sheriff at White Hart Lane in the Europa League, on Thursday 7th November. Our next game in the Premier League is against Newcastle at White Hart Lane, Sunday 10th November. COYS!!

My player ratings for the team that faced Everton at Goodison Park:
Lloris – 9
Walker – 8
Dawson – 8
Chiriches – 9
Vertonghen – 9 – Man of the Match.
Paulinho – 6
Sandro – 8
Townsend – 7
Holtby – 7
Lennon – 6
Soldado – 5

Dembele – 6
Eriksen – 7
Sigurdsson – 6

AVB reaction after the game:

7 thoughts on “Match Review, Everton vs Tottenham.

  1. We are obviously having problems scorings goals, but I still don’t think Villas Boas has found his best team yet. Far from it. He doesn’t know how to utilize a player like Soldado. But I have been thinking, and I might have a solution. Atleast it’s worth trying.

    My opinion is that our problem is service and that Soldado often is alone on top. Our wingers are unable to cross and Soldado is unable to create chances by himself.

    So I believe what we should do is switching Sigurdsson and Eriksen/Holtby in their posistions. Sigurdsson is going to play in the number 10 role and Eriksen/Holtby is going to play as on the flank.

    My thought behind is that

    – Eriksen and Holtby are better in crossing than Lennon, Towsend and Sigurdsson. Atleast I would believe that they are more willing to cross rather than having a shoot outside the box. They are good from set-pieces, so why shouldn’t they be able to cross too? They are also good with the ball in their feet and would get much more room on the flank. They are creative and could combine and pass with the fullbacks, midfielders and attackers

    – Soldado is often alone and needs help. With Sigurdsson at his side he would get that. Sigurdsson isn’t as small as Holtby or Eriksen. He would be a bigger presences and would be able to help getting on the end of the crosses. And you also have the runs from Paulinho which are brilliant and we would already have three players in the box. Each of them possess a great goal threat. The problem is often that Holtby and Eriksen drops low and isn’t as big as a goal threat as Sigurdsson.

    You could also use Lennon or Townsend on the other side which would give us more pace and another dimension in our offensive play. I also think that Lamela would be a good player in the number 10 role in the future. But Sigurdsson is playing very well at the moment and is already familiar with playing in the number 10 role.

    But in the defence, AVB has control. The purchases of Super Jan, Lloris and Chirches are brilliant. And that he gave Dawson a chance last season and dropping Gallas. He has done very well in the defence, even with a big injury on Kaboul last season and King retired. But offensively, he should try find a better way utilizing Soldado. I believe that my idea is good, but whatever it might be, he should atleast use his magic and try to figure something out because we are not scoring enough goals at the moment.

    Sorry if this ended up as long as a article, but I had to get it out. :)

  2. Good point today. Although felt our dominance in the first half should have yielded more. Sandro was massive for us and we lost our midfield superiority when he had to withdraw. Agree that AVB has still to decide on his best attacking formation, Holtby was a major part of our excellent first half but faded, Townsend is a constant threat but still has to improve on his decision making, Lennon too predictable from the left as never goes on the outside. My personal preference would be sandro paulinho holding with Townsend Eriksen and Holtby fluidly swapping positions on the wings and supporting Soldado. Not sure Townsend yet has the footballing brain to do this so his place could go to an in form Siggy or Lamela when he grows in confidence.
    On the plus side our defence was and has been Awesome! A new experience for us spurs fans. COYS

  3. Completely agree with you Greg. Siggy should play behind Soldado as he can influence the game more and aid Soldado immensely. Not to mention, Siggy also played in this role at Swansea and he made it his own. Lennon/Lamela and Townsend are the wing options and we have a slightly more functional attack. Lastly, just wanna say great review guys. You’ve hit the nail firmly on the head.

  4. With our two best creative players on the bench i cannot see any way that we will score goals. The Soldier must be wondering what he has let himself in for by moving to Spurs.

    AVB needs to blood both Lamela and Eriksen in over the next few games as it appears that Lennon and Holtby are not the answer.

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